Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Listening to "The Things They Carried" with Audible

I had heard of Audible.com, but paid no attention.  Then when I heard Leo Laporte talking about it on TWIT.tv, with some amount of passion, and offering a free trial, I decided to try it.

I downloaded an audio book called "The Things They Carried" by the writer, Tim O'Brien.  This is a novel and auto-biography of sorts, about a young man's life prior to and during the VietNam war starting in 1968.

Normally, I would have no interest in this -- just not my cup of tea.   HOWEVER, the actor Bryan Cranston, was reading it.  That got me interested.

Well... this novel is just fantastic.  I am loving it.  Bryan Cranston reads so well and prepared so well that he even pronounces the word Bemidji correctly.  (The name of a city in Minnesota).

The subject matter is very macho.  Having a professional actor who plays macho roles reading the book contributes to the overall effect.

Thumbs up for Audible!