Monday, February 21, 2005

Complaint letter to the FCC regarding the SuperBowl

February 21, 2005

The Honorable Michael Powell
Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street SW
Washington, DC 20554

Dear Mr. Powell,

I am writing to complain to you about the television coverage of the "Super Bowl 39" on February 6, 2005. I was extremely offended by what I saw and I think this programming is totally unsuitable for Christians and children.

This program graphically depicted explicit violence between gangs of young men. Even worse, older men in striped shirts, who should have known better, actually seemed to be directing the gratituous violence with whistles and hand gestures. The hitting and tackling between the groups of men could only result in serious injuries and bodily harm. These injuries appear to warrant medical attention. I fear that most of the injuries will not be easily treated and will require additional doctor's visits, xrays, casts, and physical therapy. Some of these injuries may even produce chronic pain that will affect these men for the rest of their lives.

Please work to have this type of programming removed from the airwaves. I am sure that there are may alternatives that are non-violent and non-destructive to the human body.

Sincerely yours,

Chris Wellens